Do EXT Rescue® gloves have a pathogen barrier?

The EXT Rescue® Barrier 4014 glove is made with a waterproof H2X® barrier liner, which meets OSHA criteria for blood borne pathogen resistance and fluid borne viral resistance. The EXT Rescue® 4011, EXT Rescue® 4012, and EXT Rescue® 4013 do not have a liner.

Do they meet NFPA standards?

HexArmor EXT Rescue gloves do not meet NFPA standards for structural firefighting – they are only to be used for vehicle rescue or other non-firefighting purposes. Because there are currently no NFPA standards specifically for vehicle rescue gloves, EXT Rescue gloves do not carry a certification.

Are they heat or flame resistant?

No, EXT Rescue® gloves have not been tested for heat or flame resistance. In situations involving an active fire, it is best to use NFPA-certified firefighting gloves.

Are they cut and puncture proof?

While no material is cut or puncture proof, EXT Rescue® gloves with SuperFabric® brand materials exceed Level 5 on both the CE and ISEA cut test rating scale. Gloves with SuperFabric® test up to 20 times more cut resistant than leather gloves!

Do they have a warranty?

All HexArmor gloves carry a one year workmanship warranty. Consult for more details.

What are the differences?

The differences between the gloves can be found in the cuff, the palm makeup, and the back of hand impact resistance, as well as the blood borne pathogen liner in the 4014. Here is a chart demonstrating those differences:

 Palm Cut Level (ISEA)Palm Puncture Level (ISEA)IR-X Impact ExoskeletonCuffGripBSI Liner
4011 5 5 X Neoprene and Velcro, 3 in. TP-X and PVC  
4012 5 2   Elastic and Velcro, 1 in. PVC  
4013 5 3   Gauntlet-style, anti-debris TP-X  
4014 5 3   Neoprene and Velcro, 3 in. TP-X X
Can I use them for rope rescue?

EXT Rescue® gloves were designed for vehicle rescue, but may be used for other purposes, such as rope or high angle rescue, structural collapse rescue, trench rescue, or swift water rescue. Be sure to trial the gloves in a controlled training environment for any of these additional applications before using them on a live call.

Do they have Kevlar?

EXT Rescue® gloves are made with proprietary SuperFabric® brand material, which provides up to 4 times more cut resistance than Kevlar.